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If you're new to podcasts, check out our recommendations below for how best to get started.


For iPhone and iPad you can get our app, although we really recommend the excellent Pocket Casts. It is a paid app but is worth every cent.

If you'd prefer a free alternative to start, Overcast is also great.

Apple's Podcasts app gets the job done too and is installed by default, if you just want to get going quickly.


On Android phones, again by far the best podcast player we've found is Pocket Casts.

This article outlines why it's the best around, but also discusses other good free alternatives.

Google Podcasts is the newest option and probably the current best free app.


On PC and Mac iTunes is the default player.

If you're after something that runs in browser, yet again, Pocket Casts has a very solid web offering.

Some people prefer to just use YouTube, and we have a channel you can subscribe to for this very reason.


Spotify is also a good option and is available on all platforms.