Welcome Fellow D.O.N.G. Enthusiast


To The Tangential Soup Podcast

Yes, we bought butt.kiwi. Why? We're still not really sure...

However, why not reward your curiosity by not just finding us but also listening to a little of our show

Tangential Soup is a weekly podcast, hosted by myself, David Caddy, and my childhood friend Alexander Carr. We talk about life in Australia, tech, fitness, games, food, work and honestly anything else that takes our fancy.

If you're sold, you can subscribe to our feed for free, using the link for your preferred platform below:

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If not, thanks for dropping by and I'll leave you with this excellent GIF of Alex and his friend Echo, whom we discuss in episode 11: Great to Pat.


If your visit today was underwhelming, please click on the kiwi before you go.